Jon Thompson


My Story

Jon has worked extensively in the industry since the early nineties, where as a teen, he started as a production assistant for Lucas Film, later becoming a consultant for the company and for Warner Brothers. In 1996, he established The Worx, working as a freelance consultant, notably for UK Film Council on the Digital Cinema Network.

In 2000, he became Senior Vice President of New York-based Maidstone Films, specialising in production, distribution and exhibition. Jon also became Head of European Business for Reliance Works in 2009. He gained valuable experience working on three films for Dino De Laurentis.

Over the last two decades, he has worked extensively in film financing, setting up World Picture Films in 2011 to aid with gap funding and seed financing, largely for UK independent features.

In addition to his appointments, Jon has worked as a freelance post-production consultant for both independent and Hollywood studio projects. Productions include Batman Begins, Alexander, Kill Bill Vol.1, Cold Mountain, Casino Royale, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and the documentary, Touching The Void.

In 2010, Jon diversified from post-production to produce the feature documentary The Bengali Detective (2011) and the David Soul feature documentary, Cuban Soul (2012). He was Executive Producer on the 2016 drama The Conversations and is currently producing the feature film, Harbour. John also runs Picture Worx Films

Jon believes himself fortunate to have been given a break in the industry as a teenager, so is passionate about discovering new talent and working towards financing and securing distribution for emerging screenwriters and directors.