Emmy   McMorrow

Creative Director

My Story

Emmy's earliest memory is looking behind the family TV set, and asking her Mum how the people got inside the box because she wanted to be in there too. This passion for film swiftly developed into a lifelong ambition and Emmy went on to train professionally in Acting at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, graduating in 2005.

Emmy's body of work as an actor includes Spooks, Doctors and Holby City for the BBC, and independent British feature films, such as Simon (2016), Jane Linfoot’s feature debut The Incident (2016), Pericles by the Road (2017) and Infirmus (2017).

Emmy came to writing in her late twenties. Her first project, The Smoke, started life as sketches jotted in 2006 and eventually sold on an option to ITV Productions in 2012. A co-production development deal between Smoulder and ITV was agreed under its co-founder, Abigail Boyd, with Emmy being attached to the central role of Bex.

In 2013, Emmy worked as a production assistant on the short film, Mother’s Day, for a SANDS charity short, and on music videos for the jazz band, Katz & Dawgs.

In 2016, she re-established Smoulder Productions alongside Jon Thompson. Emmy wrote a first draft of a romantic comedy in 2014, which sat in some lonely, dusty corner of her laptop until Smoulder hired talented newcomer, Dominic David Burgess, to redraft it under the working title of A Certain Romance.

Emmy is currently working on her first feature film, 3 Months, 3 Marks & a Ring, a semi-autobiographical, asphalt-black romantic comedy set in New York City fall 2016 against the backdrop of political controversy.